When Payments Fail:

Sizing Up Downtime in the Digital Surge

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Join i2c’s president, Jim McCarthy, to learn about the importance of system reliability in financial services. Our panel of experts will discuss the surge in digital banking and payments, recent downtime spikes, and the mission criticality of these payment platforms.

  • Get the latest data on how payment failures affect global commerce.
  • Discover what’s at stake and the far-reaching impact of downtime on issuers, retailers, and consumers.
  • Learn how to reduce your risk of payment system downtime.

Watch this on-demand webinar now to find out how much payment system downtime is affecting your business.

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Jim McCarthy President


Richard Ishak Sales Director


Andy Lawrence Executive Director of Research

"The cost of outages is going up, with over half who had
experienced an outage saying it cost more than $100,000."

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