Many financial institutions and fintechs have a rocky relationship with their payment processors. They’re not alone – choosing the right processor can be a daunting task. Ensuring that all requirements of the payment processing relationship continue to be met requires precise planning and clear understanding up-front.

Most FIs and fintechs first seek reliability and security in their providers. However, there are other critical factors to consider such as:

  • Stability and number of years in operation
  • Efficiency and ease of use
  • Flexibility and agility to integrate and adapt to the existing (and future) technology stack
  • End-to-end support and responsiveness
  • Managed services and fraud-protection expertise to enhance the customer experience
Join our panel of industry experts who will discuss how to find the right processor and build a productive relationship that lasts.

This session covers:

  • Recognizing challenges with payment processors
  • Tackling quality or service problems
  • Identifying a best-in-class payment processor
  • Building a strong foundation


Scott Hamilton

Global Payments & Liquidity Expert, Contributing Editor


Serena Smith

Chief Client Officer

i2c Inc.

Anthony Peculic

Head of Cards

Cross River Bank

Omer Sattar

CEO and Co-Founder

Sightline Payments

Scot Lenoir


Evolve Bank & Trust
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How You Can Find the Right Processor and Build a Lasting Relationship