Financial institutions that want to remain competitive must continuously evolving with their customer expectations. Legacy technology has become a burden to innovation with its layers of multiple systems and platforms that require a never-ending stream of maintenance.

The resolution? A unified platform that financial institutions can use to manage core banking, credit, debit, prepaid and more. A true all-in-one platform with architecture built around the customer allows the personalization required to deepen the relationship beyond just an account number or a card number.

Our panel of industry experts discuss why now is the time for financial institutions to resolve the legacy spaghetti.

  • Seamless, personalized customer experience
  • 360-degree customer view​
  • Optimize P&L with risk mitigation

This session covers:

  • Why is now the time for financial institutions to resolve the legacy spaghetti?
  • What are the benefits of a unified platform for improving customer experience?
  • How important are efficiencies around data and utilizing actionable insights?
  • What technologies can support hyper-personalization of user journeys?


Jane Cooper

Jane Cooper

Researcher Moderator

Jacqueline White

President Panelist

Marco Eijsackers

Head of CIO Office Panelist


Ben Krefting

Chief Customer Success Officer, Panelist


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