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Why Now is the Time
to Self-Issue Credit Cards

Bring Issuing (and Profits!) In-house

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There is a renewed trend to bring credit card issuing in-house for small- to mid-sized banks. Fueled by increased competition from big banks and a surge in credit options, FIs who either outsourced to an agent bank or have never offered credit at all are getting into issuing and putting a creative (and profitable!) spin on an old product.

Our diverse panel of banking and credit experts provide a 360° perspective on credit card issuing in 2022. Also, hear how one community bank entered the credit issuing market and turned it into one of their biggest differentiators.

Watch now to learn:

  • Benefits of self-issuance over an agent-bank model
  • Must-have features of a profitable and customizable credit card program
  • Low-risk portfolio migration strategies
  • How to implement new trends, such as Buy Now Pay Later


Dan Hanks
Dan Hanks
Vice President Credit Solutions
David Shipper
David Shipper
Strategic Advisor
John Chappelle
John Chappelle
EVP / Chief Digital Officer