The Value of Payment Platform Uptime and Reliability

Your payments processor should be a business partner, not a third-party service provider. i2c does not take a moment-in-time, reactive approach to system uptime. We maintain a culture of resiliency, meaning we adequately resource, invest, train, check and test our systems. And when we’ve done all of that, we do it again. And again.


Cardholders can access their account funds, information and activity online at any time via desktop or mobile devices, a mobile app or through the interactive voice response (IVR) system.


Our customer care center is available 24x7x365 and cardholders are serviced with a human touch and emphasis on empathy and care.


Accounts are continuously monitored for potential fraudulent activity, protecting cardholders from unauthorized financial activity and/or access to sensitive information.

“Since we’ve started our relationship with i2c, we’ve never had any downtime. We’ve never had a card that was declined due to a failure on the system or due to a problem on the infrastructure. It has been a running machine—for the last seven years.”

Jonathan Barrios
VP Information Technology

see the difference with our infographic:

High availability and the four nines

As a payment card issuer, you’re likely already familiar with the importance of system availability. System availability should be spelled out in your issuer processor’s service level agreement (SLA). Consider the following breakdown of how much downtime you can expect to experience using the most common availability percentages:

  • 99.8% - 17.52 hours per year
  • 99.9% - 8.76 hours per year
  • 99.99% - 52.56 minutes per year

As mentioned in an article by Intelligent Fiber Network, neither 0.2% nor 0.01% downtime seem to suggest much consequence on the surface, but small numbers add up over time. For an issuer processor with 99.9% availability, or uptime, that still means almost nine hours of downtime each year!

Transaction declines and service interruptions can happen anytime, even during the checkout process; however, your issuer processor’s payment platform should not be the reason why those declines and interruptions occur.

Your customers expect their banking platform to work wherever and whenever they use their card, and while 99.9% availability is generally considered very reliable — 99.99%, or “four nines,” is considered excellent.

For an in-depth look at how high availability and the four nines can impact your business, check out our blog post.

Is Your Issuer Processor Reliable?

Did You Know?

i2c's inherent culture of resiliency is one of our driving differentiators and a reason why many companies choose us over the competition.

Don't Compromise - We Offer Reliability and Flexibility

The simple truth is: i2c can position your business to disrupt the status quo. The hard truth is: we're the only issuer processor who can say that and deliver on that promise.

What does that mean? Reliability and flexibility are two attributes that issuers strive to attain. Unfortunately, most issuers compromise on one thing to achieve the other. With i2c, you can have both. Imagine tapping into the power, reliability, and innovation that our platform offers-you'll be able to reliably offer your customers an innovative payment solution. No more cookie-cutter card programs.

We built our platform on the belief that payments and banking transactions are mission critical. The best part is that our system availability doesn't decrease as you innovate, meaning you can compete with any card issuer.

Your vision + our platform = endless possibilities

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