Learn from Top Performers and Shift your Innovation Strategy

The Evolving Innovation Priorities of FIs Edition highlights how FIs at various performance levels continue to place their primary focus on payment innovation; however, when it comes to additional priorities, their focus differs greatly depending upon how well the FI performed. i2c Inc. and PYMNTS once again have teamed up to survey more than 200 banks and credit unions in order to gauge just where on the road they are to becoming innovators. Learn the following:

  • What percentage of FIs' innovation agenda focuses on payment technology.
  • How will data analytics help keep FIs relevant and competitive.
  • Which FIs are likely to devote large portions of their budgets toward innovation and which ones tend to adopt conservative innovation strategies.
  • How the focus on innovation has shifted from years past and for future strategies.
  • The importance of user experience and its impact on innovation.

Get answers to these questions and more by downloading the 2019 Innovation Readiness Playbook - The Evolving Innovation Priorities of FIs Edition.

Listen to "FIs Grappling With Technology - And A New Consumer Engagement Model" on Spreaker.