Corporate Credit Product

Top Performers Put Greater Focus On Enhancing Existing Products

Learn how the state of innovation is changing as FIs take a more measured approach to innovation and realign their focus on enhancing existing Corporate Credit products. Most FIs are shifting their Innovation strategy away from being first-to-market, towards a fast-follower approach.

Learn from Top Performers and Shift your Innovation Strategy

The Corporate Credit Products Edition Playbook highlights how FIs are channeling their energies into developing a new product mix and enhancing existing products & features. We surveyed 200 FIs to measure their state of Innovation Readiness. Learn the following:

  • How top performing FIs are innovating their corporate credit products?
  • Why FIs are focused on improving their existing corporate credit product mix instead of chasing the over-hyped Fintech segment?
  • What factors are causing FIs to struggle with innovation?
  • How the infrastructure dilemma has become a growing obstacle to innovation?

Get answers to these questions and more by downloading the 2019 Innovation Readiness Playbook - Corporate Credit Products here.