Learn from Top Performers and Shift your Innovation Strategy

The Building the Technological Foundation for Innovation Edition reinforces how innovation in banking today is less about size or in-house resources, and more about having the drive, vision and infrastructure to succeed. In the final installment of the 2019 Innovation Readiness playbook series, i2c Inc. and PYMNTS once again have teamed up to survey more than 200 banks and credit unions in order to gauge just where on the road they are to becoming innovators. Learn the following:

  • How Core/IT-Enabled FIs are more effective innovators.
  • What size FIs and performance levels are leading the payment technology pack.
  • How core payment processing systems support innovation and consumer payment preferences.
  • Which FIs are devoting large portions of their budgets toward payments technology and infrastructure in order to adopt aggressive innovation strategies.
  • How the focus on innovation has shifted from years past and for future strategies.

Get answers to these questions and more by downloading the 2019 playbook and listening to the podcast with Ava Kelly, Head of Global Products at i2c Inc., and Karen Webster, CEO of PYMNTS.com, where they discuss candid insight into the results of this fourth and final installment of the Innovation Readiness series.

Listen to "FIs Grappling With Technology - And A New Consumer Engagement Model" on Spreaker.

Podcast: FIs Grappling With Technology - And A New Consumer Engagement Model